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Hair Coloring Services

Here at Divine Trinity Hair Studio we provide high quality technical coloring services. All our chemical services are performed by a professional licensed cosmetologist, that are highly trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of coloring and understand the anatomy of hair and how it functions. Take your hair color to new heights. Choose your favorite shade or Dye! Trend, Inspired shades. We do them all! Balayage, highlights, lowlights, ombré, double dimensions, triple dimensions, fantasy color, city light custom color Nourishing oil blend & zero % Ammonia. 100% gray coverage colors and much more. We use high quality coloring products like: Chi, Rusk, Kenra, Redken and much more. We care about your hair, that is why we use nothing but the best coloring and haircare products, to keep your hair hydrated, stimulated, nourish and m moisturize. We are here to attend to your beauty

Important Note: all clients must call before booking any of our services.

Partial Color

$75 and up for 75 minutes. Spot focus your color treatment on a certain area of your hair for dramatic dime...

Permanent Color

$70 and up for 75 minutes. Change up your style with new color all over.

Root Touch Up

$85 and up for 90 minutes. Clean up roots with a root touch up. Keep your color looking fresh at all times

Semi Permanent Color

$85 and up for 60 minutes. Test out a new hue with color that lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Single application color

$95 and up for 90 minutes

Single Process Color

$95 and up for 75 minutes. Lift and color your hair in one easy step.

All Over Color

$95 and up for 90 minutes. Give your color a full reset with all over color change.


$265 and up. Doesn’t include trim, style and treatment

Color Correction

$250 and up for 150 minutes. Get your hair color back on track with a color correction.

Double application color

$290 and up for 285 minutes. This service does not include styling Deep treatment is not included

Full Balayage

$350 and up, 5-6 hours. Lightening technique where highlights are painted tip to root for a blended, sun-kissed brightness.

Full Foil Highlights

$200 and up for 120 minutes. Brighten your hair with a full head of highlights. We'll part your hair into sections and place 50 to 100 foils for sun-kissed dimension.


$70 and up for 285 minutes. Lift and lighten sections of your hair for a sunkissed hue.

Call to Request


$120 and up for 90 minutes. Add definition and body to your hair with lowlights. We'll target sections of your hair and apply color darker than your existing shade.


$180 and up for 180 minutes. *Styling is not included

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