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Basic Hair Styling

At Divine Trinity Hair Studio, we offer the highest quality Hair Salon services in Laurel. Ask anyone in town — we offer the best experience and service you will find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing services we provide to all our customers. Swing by our Hair Salon and treat yourself to one of our many VIP treatments!

Important Note: all clients must call before booking any of our services.


$35 and up for 45 minutes. Does not include styling. This is a single service.

Finger waves

$95 and up for 120 minutes

Flat iron

$65 and up for 30 minutes. This service does not include shampooing or blow drying. Client must come with hair already clean and blow dried straight.

Hair Trim

$25 and up for 15 minutes. This service is just to cut the split/dead ends off. I recommend that hair must be blow dry straight for clients with natural hair, to ensure a great result.

Perm Rods

$95 and up for 90 minutes

Permanent waves

$250 and up for 225 minutes

Roller Set

$95 and up for 75 minutes. For long-lasting curls � we'll roll your hair wet and finish dry.

Shampoo & Set

$35 and up for 105 minutes

Shampoo & Style

$50 and up for 120 minutes

Call to Request

Shampoo and blow dry

$25 and up for 45 minutes

Shampoo blow straighten

$35 and up for 45 minutes

Shape up

$20 and up for 15 minutes

Silk Press

$95 and up for 90 minutes. Smooth and straighten natural hair with a silk press. No hot comb needed, this press is done with a flat iron.

Silk Wrap

$95 and up for 75 minutes. Add silk and shine to your hair without the heat with a silk wrap.

Spiral Set

$95 and up for 90 minutes.

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